Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Reflective writting week 5

What did I learn that was new to me?
This week we continue chapter 4 topic which is we are asked to founded company that have selling the product within websites and in the store itself .

did it help me see something in a new light?
This week give me more difficulty to do this excersices with given more question on this chapter.

did it help me understand something that I didn’t understand before?
Yes,but still just a little bit to understand this kind of excersice.

How do I think this might be useful (in my work practice, in my studies, in my life)?
It will be might useful if i learning more about marketing so that i can practice for the new one experience in my life.

How did I feel about what was done?
i felt more difficulty to do this excersice this week because i only can understand a bit of explanation from the lecturer.

Did it affect me emotionally and if so how?
This week it feel like i wanna be give up to come school but my mine set i have to finish first my diploma study and i can do it,even it so difficult by the lecturer help n friend my spirit back.

What did I like or enjoy and why? 
this week i like when learning more chapter about eBusiness and some excersice to do because to give us more challenging  to know this subject and more practices to do assignment before the final assignment given.
What did I dislike and why?
Just for difficult to understand this excersices only.but i'll try my best to finish this excersices.
What did I find easy to do or understand and why?
i find more easier when u give example for each topic which i can more understand.
What did I find difficult or challenging to do or understand and why?
i still difficult to started the task.

Is there any action that I will take as a result of what was done?
i will try to improve and understand each chapter step by step.
Do I need to plug further gaps in my knowledge?
yes, to upgrade me in  the future.

Do I want to investigate or research further?
yes,for obtain further knowledge.

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